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Wholesale Herbal Incense

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dreamz / Fligh Products Compliant in my state?

Yes! All products on our site are compliant in all states. We use only compliant ingredients.


Lab Report Included?

Yes. Our products do come with compliant report. All ingredients compliant Worldwide!

Do you offer samples?

We do not offer free samples. We have sample packs and individual products on our store page for small orders.

Overnight Shipping Available?

Yes. For additional fee we can overnight your package.


What is a C.O.D. ?

Shipping a package collect on delivery (C.O.D.) with UPS is simple. It is an appropriate service for the receiver who would rather make a payment when they receive the item.

20 + Herbal Blends
Price Sheet

150 Units – 15 Aromas Mix 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $450.00

500 UNITS – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $1,100.00

500 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $2,000.00

500 Units – 5 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH
Sale Price: $2,200.00

1000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $1,900.00

1000 Units –  15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $3,800.00

1000 Units – 5 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH 
Sale Price: $4,000.00

1000 Grams Bulk Unpackaged Product DREAMZ
Sale Price: $800.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ 
Sale Price:$8,000.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ 
Sale Price: $15,000.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH
Sale Price: $17,000.00

If you want to be part of a multi-billion herbal incense industry, come and join us as a retailer or distributor. It’s high time to be a partner in our booming herbal incense industry and harvest the profits along with all the rewards, gifts and free samples we offer to our long term business partners.

Don’t ever expect anything less but the best wholesale herbal incense, legal spice and herbal potpourri from our online store. You can purchase herbal incense and premium potpourri in small or bulk quantities. We have monthly special offers for wholesale herbal incense and compliant potpourri packages.

Wholesale Herbal Incense

1: Pricing 
We always try to bring you the very best prices we can offer. Our motto is to earn you huge profits. You will find our prices lower than all our competitors with comparable quality, and that is a simple fact. We make a long term agreement with our retailers and distributors and we don’t raise prices on our products after they start purchasing them. We offer our partners a fair deal with no strings attached like extra or hidden costs. We offer free Shipping on all our wholesale herbal incense products.

2: Quality
We offer selected and high quality herbal incense products only. All our brands are carefully chosen to give you the quality you want to make a roaring business. Shop4 Herbal incense deals in first-grade herbal incense which includes botanical and organic herbs to ensure quality products. Our bulk herbal incense, herbs and spices are available in wholesale packages. All blends we carry are simply the best herbal incense selected from the finest and most potent of herbs from around the world. We always assure quality control on our products so that the consumers must get the same great taste and quality over and over again.

3: Legality
All our premium quality herbal incense products are legal. When you choose shop4 herbal incense for wholesale deal, be confident that the ingredients used are only legal ingredients. Our products are completely compliant and we always keep track of the latest laws and regulations in this industry. We offer products which are legal and compliant in all states.

4: Large Variety
We deal in a wide variety of herbal incense for any occasion, mood or specific need. We always believe in innovation and strive to improve our selection and brands by adding new spices or herbs to our existing product line. We always notify our valued wholesale herbal incense partners whenever there is some new arrival. We always cater to the variety of our customers’ needs with a large selection of herbal incense to choose from. Give your customers what they want according to their specific herbal incense & potpourri needs.

5: Customer Support
Our wholesale customer support is ever ready to assist you if you have any queries or concerns regarding our whole sale herbal incense.

 Wholesale Line 877-722-6362


We put together top-shelf packs incense blends at extremely cheap prices for you! We value customer satisfaction and our wholesale prices are competitive and fair enough to meet your budget. Our best quality cheap herbal incense is what makes us stand out from the rest. Our aim is to supply the top-quality, most natural and powerful spice herbal incense products to wholesale customers, retail stores as well as to the end-users’ household, making our quality products your favorite.

When you partner with us as a distributor of our legal herbal incense products, you experience complete satisfaction and relaxation like our consumers who feel overall harmony of mind and body as a relief from stress and tiresome routine of life. We provide superb quality herbal incense potpourri that is sure to lighten up your mood, soothe your mind and provide constant relief from stress and worries. Our mission is to get the best herbal incense wholesale products to the customers within days of placing the order anywhere in the world.

Our online store sells wholesale herbal incense and offers amazing deals to you. We offer huge discounts with incentives to buy more and enable you to save a lot of money. If you like to make your home more fragrant and keep a fresh air in your surroundings, always use wholesale herbal incense products available at Shop4 Herbal Incense.  If you are in the market to find a reliable online wholesale herbal incense dealer, we can offer you everything that you need in terms of exceptional quality, affordable pricing, outstanding customer service, and more. To get the best deals for wholesale herbal incense, contact our sales team toll free at:877-896-2327

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